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Live Your OptimAl Life

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Live, Experiential, and Interactive!

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Live Your Optimal Life

Summit Is Oct 16, 2023

Come play with us at this 100% interactive event. Experience what it really means to live your optimal life. Leave with your implementation plan to live your best life.

  • learn from and with a sisterhood of experts
  • step-by-step action plan to live your dreams

  • self care foundations to support all areas of your life including health and wellness, business, relationships, money and more

  • embrace your calling and step into your personal power

Take advantage of limited time general admission special pricing:

$247 $147!

Day 1: October 16, 2023


Day 2: October 17, 2023 (VIRTUAL BONUS DAY)

What Do you get

With your purchase?:

  • A paperback copy of the LIVE YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE anthology, to help you THRIVE in your life AND your business!

  • Focus on healthy boundaries on the go, with access to the LIVE YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE anthology kindle copy!

  • Attend the LIVE YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE SUMMIT ON Oct 16th: increase your connections whether you are attending in person or virtually!

  • Join in virtually for the many optimal life workshops on our summit bonus day, Oct 17th: Hands on Live Your Optimal Life workshops focused on RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH&WELLNESS, CAREER, FINANCES and SPIRITUALITY!

  • Yearlong Access to our LPL Encaptiv networking portal. Set up your profile so others can find you and hop on your calendar; message other event participants, access virtual swag, check out our offers from our sponsors.

  • Early bird ticket purchase gives you: LIVE YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE SWAG BAG!!

  • Access to replays. Have to miss a session? We love having you attend live but if you need to catch a session on the replay or want to go back and listen to a segment again, just check out the replays and bonus content available in Encaptiv.








Buy your ticket now and join us on this amazing expirence!!!

Are you a heart-centered woman in business who wants to


  • Have you ever walked into or logged onto a networking event and felt completely out of place and even unwelcomed?

  • Have you ever felt as though folx are so keen on selling you their widget that they never even took the time to find out what you do?

  • Have you ever wanted to be a part of a community where the connections were not just on the surface, but deep connections with transformation focused humans who have your best interest at heart?

  • Have you ever wanted to participate in an event that is, IMMERSIVE, PARTICIPATORY, EXPERIENTIAL AND TRANSFORMATIONAL?

If you said yes to any of these questions,

then Ladies' Power Lunch is perfect for you!

Limited Time - General Admission Special Pricing:

$247 $147!

What Do you get from the


  • Truly participate in workshops, guided by expert facilitators. Learn exactly what steps to take to THRIVE in your life AND your business

  • Focus on healthy boundaries, instead of saying yes to everyone!

  • Networking that is more aligned and a networking platform geared to increase your connections whether you are attending in person or virtually!

  • Join in the many optimal life workshops like: the financial self care workshop focused on investing in yourself and your business, and making financial stressors a thing of the past!

  • Yearlong Access to our LPL Encaptiv networking portal. Set up your profile so others can find you and hop on your calendar; message other event participants, access virtual swag, check out our offers from our sponsors.

  • Access to bonus content!!!

  • Access to replays. Have to miss a session? We love having you attend live but if you need to catch a session on the replay or want to go back and listen to a segment again, just check out the replays available in Encaptiv.

My invitation to you to come join me and a group of women in business who feel the same way as you do; women and a few heart centered men who are committed to more authentic connections, mutually beneficial collaborations, dependable reliable resources and support to grow your business and your personal development.


Buy your ticket now and join us on this amazing expirence!!!

All of these things can be reality

after attending the NEXT LPL Summit!

This event will be live, experiential and interactive and will help you embrace your calling, share your message in the best way when you are being the best version of you!

You can experience this event in person or virtually - whichever works best for you!

Take advantage of limited time general admission special pricing:

$247 $147!


The best selling authors of the Live Your Optimal Life Anthology!


from industry leaders


with fellow collaborators


your business with ease


for attending live

Here is what you can expect

from this magical event:


Transformation can be lonely and it can be messy. It can be painful and there can be fear. But through it all it is forward motion. It is a permanent shift to a better place and is worth it. Your transformation is your calling card and is a key piece of the puzzle when we grow our businesses smarter.


You've embraced your calling to shine your light and to share your message with the world. Being the best version of you- optimal you-supports your being the light in real life, in real business, and in the real world..


How are we defining success? As we go through the ups and downs of the lives we live, how are we using our examples, the tough times and the easy times as guide posts to help others who feel alone when they are going through similar difficulties. When we link arms with each other how can we all grow even in challenging times?


We all have a purpose and when we make that personal shift to living our optimal lives THEN, we can shift the culture and change the world. When you are at your best, your message becomes an integral part of raising the vibration of the planet. Increasing your impact means you light up your people, they light their people and there is a widespread, global shift, exponentially making the world a better place.

Praise for LPl SUMMITS:


My Divine Intuition

Thank YOU Dr. Davia for your cultivating such a rich summit experience that covered so many areas of interest for women in business. Loved the guest presenters, the fun, creative vibe, and the excitement of the raffle prizes. I'm taking so much from the day today! ❤️🙏.


Loafing Around

Hands down the best summit I have ever attended. You were dazzling and your presenters top notch. You should feel very proud of what you gave us all today. Love you to the moon and back.

Audra Garling Mika

The Write Fit Career & College Prep Coaching

Thank you, Dr. Davia Shepherd and crew, for the slew of inspiration at today's Summit! Gabrielle Bernstein writes, "I perceive myself as a can opener who is here to crack you open to your highest potential to serve the world with your joy...remember the light within you, and you'll light up the world" in her book, "The Universe Has Your Back." As the Ladies' Power Lunch Chief Happiness Officer (CHO), Davia serves as our can opener...cracking us wide open to reach glorious new heights and to play a little every day!

teresa hnat

Teresa Hnat Studio

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for being a part of this amazing group. Everyone I have met here has been so warm and welcoming. The energy, the support, and the positivity this group puts out into the universe is worth it's weight in gold. So so so grateful!

hi there! i'm dr. Davia shepherd

master connector + Collab queen

to heart-centered entrepreneurs like you

I remember walking in and the room going silent; every eye turning on me. I felt so out of place, I knew no one, and I was just about to pull myself up by my bootstraps and push through the discomfort, the way I always do... and then I did not have to because then I met her.

I had spent over 14 years working in Pharma in several different roles when, story for another day, I had a crisis of conscience. I left Pharma and the allopathic model that was everything I had learned and held dear, and went back to school to learn about HOLISTIC Patient Care. Excited to dive into my new career, I was soon rudely awakened by the reality of what was happening around us.

There is always going to be something. For the last few years, we faced a pandemic and the different effects of that on our businesses, but back then, for me it was the housing crisis. During this time in our private practice it was truly a time of uncertainty. Patients were loosing their jobs, health insurances and in some really sad cases folx were even losing their homes. Our busy practice seemed to grind to a halt, and as the newest doctor in the practice, to say filling my schedule was a challenge, was the decade's understatement.

So I was advised, as I'm sure so many of you have been advised in the past at some time: Get out there and start networking. And so I did. My first networking event that I ever attended in life was nerve racking. Even for me who was accustomed to standing on stages in front of hundreds of people. But this was different. I remember pushing the door open and watching every eye in the place turn towards me. I knew absolutely no one, I'd never been to a networking event before and I was about to do my usual: Push through, make the best of it, smile through it... You know what I'm talking about, we have all done it at one time or another. Fortunately, on this occasion, I didn't have to.

A wonderful older woman who I later learned was an elder care attorney, came over to me, linked arms with me, introduced herself and then proceeded to introduce me to every single person that she knew at the networking event, and she knew just about everyone! She immediately started to think of ways that she could support me, other folx she could introduce me to, people she thought I might get along with even if they might not be driving business to my door. She was the most compassionate networker that I have ever met to date. She was also my first teacher about how I want to feel and how I want everyone to feel when they are out networking, whether it is online or in person: I want them to feel Supported, Welcome and At Ease AND I want them to get the resources they need to grow their businesses and personal development, since that's why we all left our homes and came out to network in the first place!!! :)

I've invited over 20 leaders to share experiences, wisdom, and transformation for you, your business and your life. Get ready to SHED THE OVERWHELM AND BURNOUT; HOP OFF THE HAMSTER WHEEL OF YOUR LIFE! Live your purpose AND live your best life. Be the best version of you and see the changes in skyrocketing your business and dramatically increasing your impact... and income!

Both days of the summit will feature a lineup of stellar FACILITATORS who will lead DISCUSSIONS and share their top strategies and tools for you to step into your power, focus on your selflove and selfcare and truly live the life you have the potential for! LIVE YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE!

you don't want to miss this epic event!

why you won't want to miss this:


Learn from the professionals who've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. Save yourself loads of time by learning from those who've walked in your footsteps ahead of you, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. Afterall, our experts have achieved what you're aiming to accomplish, why not learn from them!


No more crawling the interwebs, endless rabbit holes, or piece-meal trainings to achieve the beautiful life you dream of. This summit has it all! Get you questions answered and share your insights here.

YOUR audience needs you, your message, and your expertise

You have a calling to serve but it's tough to make a difference if you aren't living the best version of you. Your audience awaits you and is ready and eager to hear your message. Discover living your optimal life and be the difference you want to see in the world.

Summit starts on day one which will be both in person and virtual! Lori Raggio, Leadership Coach, will be our host on the virtual side ensuring a seamless integration with our in person audience.

We will start with inspiration. Our intention for the morning session is to provide workshops that have a practical foundation that you can apply immediately to transform your life.

After lunch on day one, we dive into some personal development sessions, many with a fun twist and all live and interactive, focused on transformation and integration.

Join in as we discuss the building blocks of unbreakable confidence and love. We will discuss why and how to be unapologetic in our convictions and then we will wrap up with our key takeaways.

...And that's only day one!

BUT WAIT... THERE'S MORE! :) A whole bonus day more...

Day two gives us an opportunity to see some of our key takeaways from day one in action. We focus on foundations for the first half of the day. We will workshop how to tap into your magic to create unbreakable abundance. We will learn about success scripting; how to live truly authentic and how to be the version of you of your dreams.

In the afternoon we will share about taking care of YOU and your health. You will have an opportunity to workshop your key aspects of any purpose driven life. You will have a chance to connect with some outstanding and inspirational stories and then we will wrap up the day with a workshop focused on Resilience and Alignment.

This is not your granddad's planning workshop. To wrap up we invite you to take planning to the quantum level. Come with your big personal development and selfcare goal that you want to achieve over the next 6 months and let's get out of our own way to make it a reality. Day highlights include:

  • Fully interactive sessions focused on selfcare and self love!

  • How you can build prosperity without burnout!

  • Self discovery focus!

  • How to be in ALIGNMENT!

YOU are one idea away from

Living your optimal life

This is your time to live your best life!

Take advantage of limited time general admission special pricing:

$247 $147!


to increase your impact, exponentially!

  • When and where will LPL Summit be?

LPL Summit will be presented both In Person and Virtually.

~ If you choose to attend in person we will be at the Farmington Gardens in Farmington CT.

~ Virtual attendees will log in to the LPL Encaptiv Portal. This LPL Summit takes place on Monday, October 16th.

~ But wait, there's more! You will also get a Virtual Only Bonus Day: Tuesday, October 17th!

~ Sessions go from 10:30 am - 3:00 pm EST on both days.

• Monday, October 16th LIVE, EXPERIENTIAL, INTERACTIVE, TRANSFORMATIONAL You can choose to attend IN PERSON. Or....

• You also can choose to attend VIRTUALLY from the comfort of your own space, and still experience summit on Monday, October 16th LIVE, EXPERIENTIAL, INTERACTIVE, TRANSFORMATIONAL.

• BONUS VIRTUAL DAY: Tuesday October 17th summit events are COMPLETELY VIRTUAL in the LPL Encaptiv Portal.


~ In-person POST-SUMMIT RETREAT in beautiful, sunny Orlando will be held on Saturday-Sunday, October 21st and 22nd.*

* Limited in-person seats available for the in-person Post-Summit Retreat event on Saturday and Sunday, October 21st and 22nd.

  • How do I register for the LPL Fall Summit 2023?

Just click here! You can check out with your credit card and secure your spot at the summit.

  • When will registration end?

LPL Summit registration will close Fri, October 13th at 5pm EST.

  • What's included with my ticket purchase?

• Join us for two (2) full days of interactive workshops and discussions with expert facilitators, focused on giving you the tools you need to step into your power as a leader.

• Laser focused knowledge from over 20 experts in their fields.

• Purchase an early-bird ticket to get special pricing!

• Your very own copy of our LPL special summit release book.

• Networking opportunities and connection, both virtual and in-person.

• The very best swag bag out there for early-bird ticket holders.

• Interactive, Transformational Fireside Chats with the experts to encourage living your optimal life.

• Access to bonus content.

• Access to replays if you can’t attend all sessions! Or even if you can attend, and just want to experience them again.

* If you purchase a RETREAT ticket, then in addition to all the benefits of summit you will also be able to attend the Live Your Optimal Life Retreat in Orlando. NB: Limited in-person seats available for the in-person POST-summit RETREAT event on Saturday and Sunday , October 20-21st in beautiful sunny ORLANDO.

~Mon, October 16th and 17th Virtual Summit Sessions on the LPL Encaptiv Portal using Zoom.

  • Is the Summit live?

Yes, the event is Live on October 16th! You can attend either virtually or in-person.

Some bonus content sessions are pre recorded, everything else is live and it is ALL interactive and ALL experiential.

  • How do I network with other attendees?

While the event is live, there will be PLENTY of opportunities to network with the attendees; The event is fully interactive and so you can network during the sessions. Inside the Evcaptiv LPL Portal you can use our chat and networking functions to engage and mingle with other event attendees! You can also join us for several organized virtual networking sessions during the summit.

If you want to network even more, you can start right now! Just join our free private Facebook group:

  • I can't make it to the LPL Summit 2023. Will there be replays?

Yes! If you can’t make the event, or want to rewatch a session, there will be replays available following the event.

  • How long do I have access to the summit replays?

Summit replay trainings will be available via the LPL Encaptiv portal for one month.

  • How do I access the LPL Summit 2023?

Before the event, we will send you a unique link so you can log into the event portal. If you don’t receive the link on the morning of the event, please reach out to Sandy at [email protected]

  • I can't get into the Summit 2023. What should I do?

Our event platform works best on Chrome. Make sure you are using the most recent version of Chrome.

Note that you may need to disable any known firewall that might be blocking access to the event.

Grow Your Business Smarter,

reach your folx, and change the world

Take advantage of limited time general admission special pricing:

$247 $147

REGISTER FOR Live Your Optimal Life- LPL Fall SUMMIT 2023 TODAY ☞


I attended the event on collaboration because I am stepping outside of my comfort zone. Life is … all about the collective. And by giving, I am also receiving. I would describe LPL as Energetic, Empowering and Enlightening. As a result, I scheduled Zoom meetings with members, and I have set myself free to receive again. Thanks a million!

-Dee DiFatta

Through this group I've not only grown my business but I've connected with such amazing and inspiring ladies. I consider many of these ladies to be my friends. When I think of LPL: inspiring, friendships, empowering and growth are what immediately come to mind, though I'm not sure any of these words really do justice to how amazing this group is.

-Teresa Hnat

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