YOU are invited to Transform

Your Life From OK To Optimal!

Join us for Live Your Optimal Life RETREAT!

YOU are invited to Transform

Your Life From OK To Optimal!

Join us for Live Your Optimal Life RETREAT!

Join Us:

Live Your OptimAl Life Retreat

Discover, Embody and Transform Into The Best Version of You!!!

Live, Experiential, and Interactive!

Imagine what it would feel like to live your optimal life... starting NOW!

4 Night 5 day Bahamas Perfect Day Cruise:

  • Are you ready to let go of your old patterns?

  • Do you want to renew and re-energize your mind, body and spirit?

  • Do you want to take loving yourself to a whole other level?

  • Are you ready for a once in a life time retreat with other amazing women to a tropical destination?

If YOU answered YES to any of these questions then this retreat is... PERFECT FOR YOU!

Hurry! Purchase your limited time and limited availability early bird ticket now!

Will You Join Us?

  • Do YOU feel stuck? In Life? Relationships? Career?

  • Have you tried to move forward with less then stellar results?

  • Are you: Overtired? Overstressed? Overwhelmed?

No matter what you are struggling with, transformation is next to impossible if you don't start within.

Self appreciation may seem like an esoteric concept when we have real problems, but unless we start within we won't have the clarity to change without.

Transform your reality

attend the Live Your Optimal Life retreat!

  • Remove limiting beliefs and stumbling blocks

  • Revitalize your energy abundance and joy

  • Break free of judgement and other's opinions







hi there! i'm dr. Davia shepherd

Certified Retreat leader + HOLISTIC DOC.

to heart-centered women in business like you

Out of the most challenging times come the greatest transformations. If you’d met me 10 years ago you’d have met a truly different person on many levels. For one: I was in excruciating pain. The irony of this is not lost on me y’all. As a doctor who treats pain, there I was pushing through my pain with a big completely FAKE smile on my face. I was a victim of the “toxic sense of self sufficiency,” that our society applauds.

It all started when, after years of infertility, I finally had my baby. This coincided with me starting in private practice- during an economic downturn. In addition to my stress at work, my amazing baby never slept through the night. I was up with him at night and bright eyed and bushy tailed seeing patients all day. The icing on the cake was that I was not losing the baby weight, so I did the obvious thing: I limited calories and started training for a marathon. Clearly the right choice… If you want to burn out.

Getting the AUTOIMMUNE diagnosis made me realize It was time to start taking care of me. The profound results from going on transformational retreat, with trusted facilitators and like minded women, changed everything. My focus on self appreciation helped me heal my body and my life.

Now I have committed my life to helping women in business to Live Their Optimal Lives! I'm the host of Ladies' Power Lunch, a community and movement for women in business who truly believe that when we support each other we all thrive.

you don't want to miss this epic Retreat!

... and meet Your Retreat Co-Leader: gail petrowsky

30 yrs master coach + Therapist

to heart-centered women... and men too!

In her own words, Gail shares about herself and her experiences that have led her to be committed to helping others live their optimal lives:

"As a busy mom, wife, and coach juggling numerous clients and organizing six seminars across the country, along with producing CDs, I felt like the energizer bunny, constantly on the go and fueled by sheer determination. However, my relentless pursuit of success came at a cost—I developed Lupus.

Hitting this figurative wall was a wake-up call. I realized that I couldn't continue to shoulder everything alone. I had to learn the power of collaboration and allowing support into my life. With this newfound insight, I assembled a supportive team and made the courageous decision to take time off.

During this hiatus, I attended retreats held by trusted facilitators and embarked on a journey of healing, guided by grace, self-care, and meditation. Surrounded by a circle of love and engaging in gentle exercise, I gradually shed my old limiting beliefs and, miraculously, healed from Lupus within six months.

This experience taught me the importance of setting patterns of healing and prioritizing self-care. Even as I continue to thrive in my various roles, I constantly remind myself to nurture my well-being and maintain my energy levels—a vital lesson that continues to guide me on my journey. In our society, the majority of women prioritize caring for others over themselves, often neglecting their own needs. However, dedicating time to self-care isn't selfish; it's essential for personal well-being.

This retreat offers a safe space to address and heal old patterns and wounds, providing non-judgmental support along the way. By taking the time to restore and balance your energy, and through the camaraderie of like-minded women, you'll empower yourself to prioritize self-nurturing. Gain insight into mind-body techniques that promote holistic wellness, nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. Allow yourself to embrace self-love and cultivate the confidence to recognize your uniqueness and inherent worthiness."

you don't want to miss this epic Retreat!

Who Will Get The Most Out Of This Retreat? 

  • Are you a woman who is a caretaker?

  • In you life or in your business are you focused on the wellbeing of others?

  • Are you a healer? A leader? A coach? A teacher?

  • Are you a woman who has ever put others first and somehow left yourself behind?

  • Have you forgotten what fun means to you?

You are not alone. I've been there, Gail has been there. It’s OK. We all make the best of our circumstances.

NOW! This is your opportunity to get back to yourself and recreate your future.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

  • Don't stay stuck in old patterns

  • Don't stay on the bus to burnout

  • Don't keep putting yourself last

  • Don't just do nothing

  • Don't live less than optimally

Experience The Retreat Of Your Lifetime With Us!

What's Included:

  • Three group sessions before retreat to set the stage for transformation and to begin fostering lasting connections with your fellow retreaters

  • One group session after retreat, focused on transformation, integration and implementation

  • Four night fun, transformational, destination, cruise retreat

  • Retreat Swag

  • Plus Bonuses

  • Accommodations are per person double occupancy

  • Cruise Taxes Fees and Gratuities

  • Aqua class room double occupancy

    • Persian garden access

      • Steam Room

      • Sauna

      • Thermal Suite

      • Crystalarium

      • Salt Room

      • Float Room

    • Spa Concierge

    • Access to Blu Restaurant (Specialty Restaurant for Healthy Cuisine)

    • Plus more

What's NOT Included:

  • Airfare & Ground Transportation

  • Any activities not on the retreat schedule or included as part of the retreat program

  • Spa menu items

  • Other additional on board and destination amenities and tours

Retreat Itineary:

Leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on

May 27-May 31, 2024

DAY 1:

Port: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Departs At 4:00 PM

Welcome Dinner: Meet and Greet those amazing souls who will be taking this journey of transformation with you!

Get into the energy of this beautiful Optimal Life Retreat container and set the stage for the next level version of you to emerge.

DAY 2:

Cruising at Sea

Morning Session

Afternoon Activity

Evening Session 

Dinner and Entertainment

Day 3:

Key West

The ship will be here From 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Activity on Key West

Day 4:

Coco Cay, Bahamas

The ship will be here From 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Activity on COCO Cay

Day 5:

Fort Lauderdale, florida

Arrives At 7:00 AM

Here is what you can expect

from this magical retreat:


Restore Balance while being nurtured and pampered:

  • Ditch overwhelm

  • Get off the bus to burnout

  • Make selfcare an ongoing priority

  • Decrease stress and

  • Increase your positive outlook


Build compassionate Boundaries and sandcastles:

  • Build and sustain compassionate boundaries

  • Embody the power of both YES and NO

  • Say goodbye to overdoing

  • Give from your overflow without the overgive


Infuse more Beauty in your life while seeing the beautiful destinations' sights:

  • Remember what fills you up

  • RE-Build your life to include more fulfillment

  • Have more FUN

  • Embrace the soul filling relationships 


Planning a Brilliant future while practicing being in the NOW:

  • Discover/ Meet the next best version of you

  • Strategically plan taking you to the next level

  • Embrace living your passion and purpose

  • Start building your legacy

but wait! there's more!

  • Four days of transformation woven seamlessly in with R+R!

  • Heart felt connection and comradery!

  • Live Your Optimal Life Retreat swag!

  • Three virtual group sessions ahead of the retreat to get you started on your self appreciation journey TODAY!

  • One virtual group session after retreat to aid integration!

  • Expert certified facilitators with over 50 years combined experience!

  • Actionable step-by-step framework to implement back in the real world!

  • Your very own copy of our newest collaborative book: Live Your Optimal Life!

Reserve Your Spot Now Because...

To say thank you for your fast action and for choosing yourself now:

  • Take advantage of the pricing of $2500 (PPDO)

(You can pay $2500 in full, or make a $1100 deposit followed by 2 payments of $700. This price will increase to $3000-$5000 based on increases from our partnering cruise company so book now. )

There are only a few available spots so take advantage of this offer and join us now.

Praise for Ladies' Power Lunch:

  • When and where will LYOL Retreat be?

LYOL Retreat will be hosted aboard Celebrity Cruise Line from MAY 27-31st 2024

  • How do I register for the LYOL Retreat?

You can check out with your credit card and secure your spot at the retreat. Just scroll down!

  • When will registration end?

LYOL Retreat early bird registration closed March 11th 2024 at 11:59 PM EST. After the early bird period ends we will close the retreat once our limited accommodations are sold out.

  • What's included with my ticket purchase?

The LYOL Retreat includes tremendous value. Some of the benefits include:

Three group sessions before retreat to set the stage for transformation and to begin fostering lasting connections with your fellow retreaters

One group session after retreat, focused on transformation, integration and implementation

Four night, fun, transformational, destination, cruise retreat

Retreat Swag

Plus Bonuses

Accommodations are per person double occupancy

Cruise Taxes, Fees and Gratuities are included

Aqua class level state room- Prices are Per Person Double Occupancy

Parisian Garden access -Steam Room, Sauna, Thermal Suite, Crystalarium, Salt Room, Float Room

Spa Concierge

Access to Blu Restaurant (Specialty Restaurant for Healthy Cuisine)

Plus more...

  • Is the LYOL Retreat live?

Yes, the LYOL Retreat is Live on May 27-31st 2024. There will be four bonus group mini-retreat sessions hosted virtually before and after the retreat. All sessions are live and experiential.

  • How do I connect with other attendees?

There will be three group sessions before the retreat during which you will have the opportunity to make meaningful and long lasting connections with women just like you who will also be taking this journey of transformation.

  • I can't make it to the LYOL Retreat. Will there be replays?

No. You have to be here to experience the transformation first hand!

  • How do I access the LYOL Retreat?

After purchasing your spot, or making your deposit, and before the event, you will connect with our cruise line affiliate retreat concierge, who will help you confirm your retreat details. This is at no additional cost and is included as part of your LYOL Retreat package.

We appreciate that you may have additional travel needs. Please note that any ground transportation, airline travel, additional tours and additional onboard amenities can be obtained from your retreat concierge for a fee.

  • I have a question that isn't covered here. What should I do?

Email our team at [email protected] or call us during business hours 860-589-1491.

Pay In Full!

Pay all $2,500 in full at once.

YOU are one step away from

Living your optimal life

This is your time to live your best life!

Take advantage of this retreat!:

$5,000 $2,500!

Why Limit yourself when you can... Live Your Optimal Life!

Don't hold yourself back.

Seize this opportunity

Spread your wings and soar to new heights of personal growth and empowerment

Create the life you desire.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation!

If Not Now, Then When??

Now is the moment to embrace transformation, unlock your potential, and cultivate a life of magic, freedom, and fulfillment.

What Could your life be

If you were living it optimally?

Take advantage of limited time special pricing:

$5,000 $2,500

Get Your Live Your Optimal Life RETREAT TICKET TODAY

I attended the event on collaboration because I am stepping outside of my comfort zone. Life is … all about the collective. And by giving, I am also receiving. I would describe LPL as Energetic, Empowering and Enlightening. As a result, I scheduled Zoom meetings with members, and I have set myself free to receive again. Thanks a million!

-Dee DiFatta

Through this group I've not only grown my business but I've connected with such amazing and inspiring ladies. I consider many of these ladies to be my friends. When I think of LPL: inspiring, friendships, empowering and growth are what immediately come to mind, though I'm not sure any of these words really do justice to how amazing this group is.

-Teresa Hnat

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