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Over $1500+ worth of courses, tools, and resources for free!

over $1500+ worth of courses, tools, & resources

to grow your heart centered business with ease and flow!

for free!

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No. It's illegal and unethical to automatically add you to each expert's email list. We would never do that.

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The gift bundle access is FREE! No credit card is needed to gain access. Just enter in your information (first name and email address) and you'll get the secret link via email! All of the gifts from our contributing experts are free as well!

  • What free gifts are available in this bundle?

The free gifts available in this Ignite Your Leadership bundle are courses, tools, and resources worth over $1500+! The gifts are perfectly aligned for the heart-centered entrepreneur who's looking to grow her business with ease and flow including:

• Retreat Profit Calculator by Amy Flores-Young

• Magic Sales Page Checklist by Barb Pritchard

• Discovering Your Prologue by Brittany Quagan

• Goal-Setting & Goal-Getting by Cristal L. Cook, LCSW

• Grow Smarter: Answer the Call Visibility Summit Bonuses by Dr. Davia Shepherd

• Publishing Guide to Getting Your Book to Print by Elizabeth Hill

• Love Letters Workbook by Joan Wilson

• A Healthy Priorities Guide by Kathleen Troy

• Are You Planning or Manifesting? by Kelly McCarthy

• Ignite Your Purpose Worksheet by Leslie Gomez

• 6 Hidden Treasures for Book Content by Mary Ann Pack

• Setting Boundaries to Live Your Ideal Life by Pat Alva-Kraker

• Inspired Living Method Habit Tracker by Rosemary King

• Live Your Purpose Workbook by Soribel Martinez

• 5 Key Website Photos Every Business Owner Needs by Teresa Hnat

over $1500+ worth of courses, tools, & resources

to grow your heart centered business with ease and flow!

for free!

hi there! i'm dr. Davia shepherd

master connector + Collab queen

to heart-centered entrepreneurs like you

The one thing that I’m most passionate about, the one thing that gets me out of bed in the mornings, and into the office on a Monday is the opportunity to support women in business to live their optimal lives. To grow their visibility, reach, impact and their income.

I collaborated with a sisterhood of trusted industry experts to create a gift bundle for heart-centered entrepreneurs like you, to help you grow your purpose-driven business with ease and flow. Within the Ignite Your Leadership Gift Bundle you'll find over $1500+ worth of filled with valuable resources that will help you step into your power as a leader.

you don't want to miss this epic gift bundle!

step into your power as a leader

claim over $1500+ worth of courses, tools, & resources

to grow your heart centered business with ease and flow!

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